Palm Fuel Log

The palm fuel log is open source, and the source is available at SourceForge. The binary zip file containing the Palm .PRC file can be downloaded from here.
The main screen, showing the table of mileage records.  The category selector in the top right corner can be used to filter the cars shown.  The pop-up menu allows access to the MPG calculator and the graph.  The hardware scrollers and on-screen scrollers can be used to quickly scroll through the database.

The petrol record addition/modification screen.  The category selector can be used to edit the car categories and select the car.  All fields are validated.  The full tank indicator can be used to inform the program of full or partial fills, this information is used by the calculator to accumulate fuel usage between full fills to get more accurate MPG statistics.

This is the key screen containing the overall statistics for the fuel entries. The scrollers can be used to scroll to the fuel records individual statistics per reading. The car pop-up can be used to select a different vehicle.


The individual fuel record statistics. The scrollers can be used to browse through each of the records. The car pop-up can be used to browse a different cars statistics. The shortcut buttons at the bottom can be used to jump the the final statistics screen, or go to the graph.

The graph. The dotted horizontal line is the computed average, the spiky line is the graph of the individual fuel records and the smoother line is the exponentially smoothed moving average. The car selector can be used to select a different cars graph.

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